Beddy Tear

The pilot episode of our true-crime TV show
shot live in front of a theatre audience.

written & directed by Stan Richardson, video by Joshua Paul Johnson, co-produced by Lindsay Maiorana, with K. Nicole Helén, Anna O’Donoghue, Claire Siebers & Matt Steiner

BEDDY TEAR is an eightepisode “true crime fantasia,” which features a cast of over thirty women.  The series is both a mystery of a young woman gone missing (a victim of a Ted-Bundy-copycat murderer) and a meditation on our fascination with the (predominantly male) “master killers” as their (predominantly female) victims fade into obscurity.  Inspired by minimalist, site-specific works like Andre Gregory’s Vanya on 42nd Street and Lar von Trier’s Dogville, this project seeks to utilize the conventions of television crime-drama in a theatrical piece written and staged to be captured on video. The first episode was filmed and presented at West Park Church in Manhattan, New York in April 2015.

“I’m TedFan81 and this series is devoted to Theodore Robert Bundy, one of the most prolific serial killers ever.
I started this as a response to GacyFan76’s webcasts which assert that John Wayne Gacy was the most
badass American serial killer, which he is not.  In case you can’t find the first part, that could be because
the first episode was called “Ted Talks” and we had to take that down because of threatened litigation.”

(Video by Joshua Paul Johnson)


West Park Press; In Production: Collaborate with Stan & Matt Podcast


Vanya on 42nd Street; Dogville; Ted Bundy; The Stranger Beside Me; BlackLivesMatter

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