Cut the Shit

A dark entertainment about terror, marriage & martyrdom.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Darren Katz, co-produced by Lindsay Maiorana, with: Zachary Clark, Jody Cook, Brooke Haney & Matt Steiner

Cut the Shit was the eighth apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Nelson Barretto at Ene Hair Salon in Manhattan, New York in July 2015.  Set in an alternate future where the world has been taken over by a barbarous group only referred to as the “unintelligible”, the cast of characters include an American P.O.W., the woman who’s been writing to him for the past year, a thousand-year-old Japanese ogre named Oniroku, and his blind assistant.



“Or IS this a shit?  One of those I.B.S. shits?
Raise your hands if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, if you’ve writhed in agony on the arctic tiles,
feeling so ridiculous and melodramatic but making deals with God anyway.
Well, tonight we are right here with you!  Make a deal with us!




(Photos by Jan Wandrag)


The Wages of Cinema: Local Vocal (Matt Steiner) Podcast


Ene Salon; The Carpenter & Oniroku; The Atlantic- “What ISIS Really Wants”

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