Dead Black Temp

A new play about an old friendship, a young romance,
a birthday, a disease, a sublet, and a screenplay.

Written & directed by Stan Richardson with: Anna O’Donoghue, Marquis Rodriguez & Matt Steiner

Dead Black Temp was the seventh apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Ashton Applewhite & Bob Stein in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in December 2014.  Among the interactive elements of the production were a champagne toast with the audience and a Happy Birthday sing-a-long over red velvet cake.



“I guess I don’t see the point then.
If revolution isn’t the goal, I question the effort expended.”

DBT 12


“Look, all of those people in that room were nice, chill,
easygoing very socially-liberal people like you who showed up
after long stressful days at jobs where they try to make a comfortable living while still doing
some good in the world, and all they wanted was to simply enjoy themselves,
not to be passive-aggressively drawn into Sully’s private war with
everyone who does not see the world exactly the way she does.”

DBT 10

(Photos by Joshua Paul Johnson)


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