Flooded With Light

A biting new play about zealotry, illicit love
and the costs of self-reinvention.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Lee Sunday Evans, co-produced by Virginia Wilcox, with: Hilary Kole, David Rosenblatt, Matt Steiner & Marguerite Stimpson

Flooded with Light was the fifth apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Chad Hoeppner & Hilary Kole in Manhattan, New York in December 2013, and was the company’s first Theatrical Portrait, a commissioned work inspired by a real life people and events.  This play was the product of Stan and Matt living with a family in Northern California for a week in April 2013.



“Maybe it’s not that you have some grand Purpose.
Maybe you just have many small purposes.
So, maybe it’s not that you’ll have one big Comfort,
but many small ones.”


(Photograph by Joshua Paul Johnson)


Flooded with Light: A Short Documentary


Acceptance Project

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