Of Orient Are

A trio of liberal activists, escorting a group of aging
cultural icons, descend upon a conservative
Midwestern college in this Molotov cocktail of
education, altruism, and the limits of wisdom.

Written & directed by Stan Richardson, with: Matt Hostetler, Claire Siebers & Matt Steiner

Of Orient Are was the second Public Work by The Representatives, hosted by The Olmsted Salon at St. George’s Church in Manhattan, New York in September 2014.  This fast paced, multi-character production gave a satyrical look at academia’s bureaucratic response to political correctness, the disastrous effect of government incompetence, and what it means to do “good” in the world.



“Why has no one stopped us?
I’ve spent the past year thinking I was going to get shot
walking out of a 7-11, yanked into a car, flown somewhere, renditioned!
Why has my Fresh Direct not been poisoned?? How DARE they think so little of—
You will REGRET not assassinating us!”

OOA Company

(Photograph by Joshua Paul Johnson)


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