our community

“…full of frantic invention and a deep investment in community…”

-Helen Shaw, TDF Stages

These are some of the many actors, directors, musicians, filmmakers, event producers, hosts and other collaborators that make up our incredible community.


Our work is made possible by the ongoing support from the following foundations, companies & individuals.


Foundational Support

The Arch & Bruce Brown Foundation

The Marta Heflin Foundation

The Puffin Foundation

Off Broadway Angels


  Friends of the Representatives

Ellen Adair; Lorraine & Curt Anastasio; Michael & Lidia Anastasio; Ashton Applewhite & Bob Stein; Chris Arruda & Brad Carpenter; Matthew Aument; Jon Robin Baitz; Emily Bohannon; Matt Bloom; Lauren Bridgeford; Chickie Bucco; Jon Carbajal; Tom Casesa; James Cropcho; Ian Danic; Brian Dixon; Emily Edson; Elizabeth Elghanayan; Joseph & Kelly Eno; Smokey Forester; Sol Gaitan; Alvia Golden; Cory Greenberg; Michael Grisolia; William Hardin; Anita Highton; Jason Hill; Lily Hindy; Matthew Joachim; Beth Kahn; Elizabeth Kastor; Darren Katz; Maggie Keenan-Bolger; Carol Kellermann & Mark O’Donoghue; Melissa Kimiadi; Katherine Kurs; Susan Kwan; John & Coleen Landry; Caroline Louise Laskow & Ian Rosenberg; Maxine Lu; Sarah Marshall; Ari Malul; Timothy McNamara; Adam Mizrachi; Patrick Mulryan; Kartik Nair; Kevin Oeser; Annabelle Quezada; Herb Leventer & Dvora Rabino; Elizabeth Rad; Sarah Richardson; Kevin Salinger; Frank Sanchis; David Schwam & Jan Wandrag; Christopher Shyer; Jennifer Sneed; Theodore Sod; Jeffrey Sosnick; Matthew Tumminello; Wayne Walton; Alanna Wilson-Yeargain; Arthur Yang; Earl Weiner



Brooklyn Brewery

Tito’s Vodka

Queens Courage

Altos Tequila


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