A dark tale of amnesia, anonymity
and living life without the fine print.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Matt Steiner, video by Joshua Paul Johnson, with: Nicole Helén & Anna O’Donoghue
and: Maryann Durmer, Jenn Lyon, Annie Paul, Kat Puma, Matt Steiner & other friends of  The Representatives

Tell was the first Film-Theater Hybrid by The Representatives, presented at ISA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in May 2014, and was the company’s second Theatrical Portrait.  Committed to creating a community as much as making art, the smaller roles in the film portion of this project were played by non-actors, audience members who had been coming to productions by The Representatives for years.

Tell 2

Tell 3


“But people are like nature—they have nature in them,
and they have bad weather days and good weather days
and catastrophic events that they don’t understand
and that sometimes happen for no reason at all
just like in nature.”

Tell 7

Tell 5

(Photo by Joshua Paul Johnson)

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