The Lower Lights

A dark comedy set in November 2011 about
the effects of politics and the financial crisis
on the erotic lives of two couples.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Ben Veshbow, costumes by Dorit Avganim, with: Roger Lirtsman, Tess Primack, Emily Simoness & Matt Steiner

The Lower Lights was the first apartment play by The Representatives, hosted in Manhattan, New York in February 2012, inspired by the Financial Crisis of 2007-08 and Occupy Wall Street.

 TLL 4

“But I am a sexual  Republican, cuz what I’m saying is that
what we’re doing in Iraq, we shouldn’t be doing in Iraq.
We should be doing it in our bedrooms.
Because sex is for animals. Who are fine with inequality, who are
completely comfortable with ramming their jagged edges against each other
until they fit together like a two-piece puzzle!”

(Photo by Dorit Avganim)



Britannica; The Economist; Occupy Wall Street; The Atlantic

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