The Rakes Die

A fresh tragedy forces the Rake brothers to confront a secret history, question their fraternity, and ultimately face their mortality as the trilogy finally comes to an end.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Matt Steiner, co-produced by Zachary Tomlinson, lighting design by Paul Hudson, with: Kahlilah Fleming, E. James Ford, Caitrin Kelly, Anne Richardson, Stan Richardson, Marquis Rodriguez & Matt Steiner

The Rakes Die was the ninth apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Adam Mizrachi & Elliot Garlock in Manhattan, New York in March 2016.  Narrated by Andrew Rake, a haunted restauranteur, the final chapter of this story saw the family dealing with another mass shooting, a fateful plane ride, police brutality, Ecstasy-fueled epiphanies, and shopping for furniture in Key West.

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Margaret, can we just—I’m…sorry, it’s been a bit of a… They fucked up again and we still haven’t gotten our tips for the past two weeks, so I was already feeling a bit underprepared for our… But listen, Margaret, I… don’t feel like I’m the best…person…for you…right now in life. I’m not…happy. In life. Yet. I’m inquisitive, I try to participate in, you know, like go in on Powerball tickets with people—But aside from Gus and Paul—and I’m sorry you never got to meet them—but aside from them, most people seem…I hate them.

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I think you are so selfish. I can’t believe you didn’t even see me when I was in California. I can’t believe you didn’t even respond when I tried to include you in planning our daughter’s memorial. And I’m not even going to comment on how you’ve completely blown off Gus after he flew out to California and sat by your hospital bed for two weeks until you came out of that coma. You have your reasons, you always do, I don’t need to hear them. And I’m not even angry at you anymore, to be honest. You saved me. I owe you my life. And I really like life.

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(Photos by Joshua Paul Johnson)


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