The Rakes Progress

It’s Christmas 2011 and the Rake brothers have reassembled to reanimate the family tree in this story of addiction, decaying liberal values and crippling devotions to the dead.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Cedric Lamar, co-produced by Virginia Wilcox, with:  Kat Heverin, Caitrin Kelly, Meg McQuillan, Kieran Mulcare, Stan Richardson, Matt Steiner, and Ben Vershbow

The Rakes Progress was the sixth apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Daniel Rechelbacher and Zhauna Franks in Manhattan, New York in March 2014, and was the second in a trilogy about The Rakes brothers.  Narrated by Paul Rake, a YouTube celebrity and survivor of the Virginia Tech Massacre, the play dealt with issues such as Father’s Rights, Occupy Wall Street, and the crystal meth crisis within the LGBTQ community.

RP 1

RP 2

RP 3

RP 4

“The thing is: Tragedy afflicts only some. But Mystery—
which is ancient and messy, which knows too much about us
and is entirely uninterested in forgiveness—
Mystery affects us all.
When the world ends, will it be a tragedy or a mystery?
The answer to that question will determine what we do in the meantime.”

Raks Pro 1

Rakes Pro 2

(Photographs by Joshua Paul Johnson)


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