The tragic true story of a secret gay witch-hunt at Harvard in 1920, completely unknown until a student journalist unearthed a box of handwritten transcripts in the bowels of the Harvard library over eighty years later.

written by Stan Richardson, directed by The Representatives, creative direction by Meg Stemmler, co-produced by Lindsay Maiorana, lighting by Paul Hudson, costumes by Ashley Walch, dramaturgy by Jordan Schildcrout, ASL consultant Alexandria Wailes, stage managed by Liz Elise Richards*, assistant stage managed by Jake Farnum & Kacey Gritters*, marketing by Nicole Ofeno, press by KPM Associates, general manager Gwyn Osnos, production assistant Anthony Simon, presented in association with The Olmsted Salon

with: John Garrett Greer*, Chris Harral, Daniel K. Isaac*, John McGinty*, DeLance Minefee*, Luis Moreno*, Marquis Rodriguez, Brendan Spieth*, Matt Steiner*, and Amir Wachterman

Veritas Production 4

“This tightly choreographed show, under Mr. Steiner and Mr. Richardson’s meticulous direction, proceeds at a well-oiled clip. None of the appealing actors can be singled out above the rest…Though that notorious chapter in homophobia has been addressed before, “Veritas” makes it agonizingly vivid.”

-Andy Webster, The New York Times

Veritas Production 2

“Witty, sophisticated and involving…VERITAS is a masterfully written, directed, performed and presented play [that] immerses the audience in the past while reminding us that judgement and prejudice are still rampant today.” 

-Leslie Dileo, Hi! Drama

Veritas Production 1

“Veritas is deeply moving and expertly conceived. Developed with care in all aspects, the duo behind The Representatives have produced yet another impressive and stirring evening of theater which is simultaneously humorous, tragic and inspiring at any given moment.”

-Ryan Mikita,

Veritas Production 3

(Photos by Joshua Paul Johnson)


(Photo & Cover Photo by Jan Wandrag)

VERITAS is made possible through the contributions of these Friends of The Representatives

The Arch & Bruce Brown Foundation; The Bessemer Trust; Lorraine & Curt Anastasio; Michael & Lidia Anastasio; Chris Arruda & Brad Carpenter; Emily Bohannon; Chickie Bucco; James Cropcho; Ian Danic; Brian Dixon; Joseph & Kelly Eno; Michael Grisolia; William Hardin; Anita Highton; Jason Hill; Carol Kellermann & Mark O’Donoghue; John & Coleen Landry; Maxine Lu; Sarah Marshall; Adam Mizrachi; Herb Leventer & Dvora Rabino; Elizabeth Rad; Kevin Salinger; David Schwam & Jan Wandrag; Christopher Shyer; Earl Weiner

Special Thanks

Jon Carbajal; Jonathan Hansen & Anne Richardson Hansen; Nicole Cartagna; Dennis Rolland; Jan Wandrag

*These Actors and Stage Manager are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
**Equity Approved Showcase

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