O Happy Happy Aztecs

Two Midwesterners come to New York City with big dreams
in this passionate love story
of safety and convenience.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Ben Vershbow, with: Anna O’Donoghue, Matt Steiner & Dov Tiefenbach

O Happy Happy Aztecs! was the fourth apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Peter O’Conor in Manhattan, New York in March 2013, and was inspired by, among other things, the increasingly powerful grip that advertising holds on our culture and the death of New York City therapist Bob Bergeron.

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“Micah, that was a one-time thing. There’s too many cameras.
I told you everything would be more expensive here.
Not that I prepared for it myself.
Patti Smith shoplifted. Books mostly, but still.
Genet was a thief.
Okay, let me get my bag.”

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(Photographs by Gregory Vershbow)


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