The Rakes: An Introduction

The three Rake brothers scramble to prepare for the youngest’s whirlwind wedding to the girl he saved a month before in the Virginia Tech massacre.

Written by Stan Richardson, directed by Ben Vershbow, co-produced by Meg Stemmler, with: Kelley Curran, Caitrin Kelly, Meg McQuillan, Kieran Mulcare, Stan Richardson, Matt Steiner & Ben Vershbow

The Rakes: an Introduction was the third apartment play by The Representatives, hosted by Jason Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in December 2012, and the first in a trilogy about The Rakes brothers.  The play, narrated by Augustus Rake, a morbidly nostalgic writer, was inspired by, among other things, J.D. Salinger’s Glass family and the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre, considered the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history.

 Rakes Pro 1

Rakes Pro 4

“Sure. Uncle Vanya is a Russian play by Anton Chekov from 1897, I think.
The Armenian Genocide happened during World War I, it was the first modern genocide; the Holocaust was the sequel.
Rolfing is a violent form of massage. Mole People live in the subways. Broccoli Raab—not R-o-b—
is a miniature version of its namesake that’s bitter and expensive, but everybody pretends they like it.
Snowclones are cliché templates like ‘Eskimos have 36 words for snow, but we only have 3 words for Eskimo.’
Jeff Stryker is a porn star.   Annie Sprinkle is a porn star.  Robyn Bird is
a cable news journalist. Nag Hammadi is where they dug up the Gnostic Gospels.  And Craigslist
is where you go to look for, um, apartments.”

Rakes Pro 2

Rakes Pro 6

(Photos by Dorit Avganim)



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